How To Agree By Edward De Bono

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How To Agree Summary
      1.  Genuinely seek to find points of agreement in what the other person is saying
      2.  There is no contribution if you simply agree with everything
      3.   To disagree at every point is irritating and boring
      4.  Being argumentative is not all beautiful. There are better methods of exploring a subject

5.  There is no need to be “right” all the time. Remove your ego from the discussion and focus instead on the subject matter
6. Make a real effort to see where the other person is coming from. Explore that person’s ‘logic bubble’.
7. See if there are any circumstances in which the other person’s view might be right. Spell out such circumstances and show your aggrement under those circumstances.
8. See if there are any special values which might make the other person’s view valid. Show that under those values you would agree. But also have your own opinion.
9. Acknowledge the value of someone’s special experience and treat this as a strong possibility but not necessarily complete.
10.  Reject a sweeping generalization but see whether you agree with any of the implications or any aspect of the generalization.
11.  Take a genuine delight in discovering points of agreement-even there is overall disagreement.
12.  Changing your perception to look at things in different way is an important step in reaching possible agreement

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