How To Be Interesting

Sumber :

  • Its always impoertant to get the truth, but being interesting is more important than winning an argument. You owe it to yourself and to others to be interesting
  • Interest may arise from interesting things you have done, are oing or know abaout. Interets can aslo arise from how you conduct a conversation.
  • using the what if? technique can open up new possibilities and new lines of thought
  • Looking out for possibilities and alternatives enrcihes the conversation . There is usually more than one way of doing thins or looking at things.
  • Speculation looks foward and opens up new areas of interets. Description only looks backward
  • Finding and making connections links matters togteher and generates interest.
  • New ideas are rare and freshen any discussion. Seek to be creative and to generate new ideas. Lear and apply the formal techniques of lateral thingking.
  • Provocation is a useful way to force new ideas. You put foward a statement yu know to be wring or impossible in order to provoke new thingking
  • Use as a formal tool the phrases : 'Now that is interesting". Be ready to apply thus to anything you gear.
  • Seek to explore and elaborate and to pull interest out of any matter
  • Practise simpel exercise to develop your ability to create interets.
  • When somenone else opens up an interesting line of thought, go along with it and help to develop the interest further. 

Source : Bono, Edward. 2004.How To Have A beautiful Mind. Vermilion London.

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