How To Listen ?!

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A good listener is very nearly as attractive as a good talker. You cannot have a beautiful mind if you dont know how to listen. Please, you can refer to the following tips :
There are the tips for to be a good listener :
sumber :
1. The ability to listen and enjoyment of listening is a key part of developing a beautiful 

2. A good listener pays attention and seeks to get the mazimun value from what is being 
   said. There are two focuses for attention : the point the speaker is trying to make; and 
   the separate value of what is being said (in its own right)

3. Listening is not just having to wait impatiently until you can yourself speak,

4. You may get new information and you can probe for further information with questions

5. You may get a new point of view which had not occured to you before

6. There may be new insights and realisation that are triggered by the speaker

7. You might realise there are alternatives perceptions that are new to you.

8. You may leran the reasoning behind a point of view quite different from your own

9. You could learn how people apply values which differ from your own

10. You should take note of the words used and especially the adjectives, which indicate 
11. You should make a habit of repeating back to the speaker what you think you have 
      understood. This is both useful and important

12. You should use questions to check on facts and to ask for more details around points         of interest,

Source : Bono, Edward. 2004.How To Have A beautiful Mind. Vermilion London.

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